2017 EPC Nominee: Noah Irvine

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2017 EPC Nominee: Noah Irvine

Noah EPC


Noah Irvine of Guelph, ON, was nominated by Michael Balnar

Noah started his journey of political action by campaigning in municipal and federal elections for candidates.  He expanded onto the national sphere when only 40 out of 338 Members of Parliament responded to his letter about his personal experiences with mental health. Noah lost his mother to suicide and his father to mental health issues.  Disappointed by the poor response, Noah sent out a news release.  He started calling MPs’ constituency offices from Newfoundland to BC asking them why they did not reply.  The media picked up the story and it spread quickly (Google Noah Irvine mental health). Soon he had federal cabinet ministers and more MPs contacting him.   He ended up having a 90-minute meeting with the PMO and a meeting with the federal Minister of Health.   Members of the House of Commons and the Ontario Legislature gave Noah a standing ovation for his efforts to improve the mental health system.  Noah’s activities reached the highest level of government when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called to talked about, among other things, Noah’s suggestion to have a Mental Health and Addictions Secretariat established in the PMO. Noah’s work continues.

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