2017 EPC Nominee: Anna Kopec

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2017 EPC Nominee: Anna Kopec

Anna Kopec EPC


Anna Kopec of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Tyler Valiquette

Anna Kopec seeks to uncover the forgotten individuals in Canada’s democracy. Two years ago, Anna was faced with the question, “do homeless people vote?”  Frustrated by the lack of information on the topic and a drive for social justice, Anna decided to research this at a higher level. While at the University of Guelph for her Master’s, Anna conducted interviews with the homeless, service providers, politicians and election agencies in Toronto.

Ultimately, Anna’s research demonstrates the factors that influence the homeless’ decision to vote, and the societal and structural impediments that exist to their participation. Anna continues this topic of study for her PhD at the University of Toronto. We need more political citizens like Anna. She is standing up for the forgotten in democracy by dedicating her life to studying and enhancing accessible democratic participation. Consequently, Anna’s hard work and selflessness is strengthening Canadian democracy as a whole.

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