2017 EPC Nominee: Yvonne Su

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2017 EPC Nominee: Yvonne Su

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Yvonne Su of Guelph, ON, was nominated by Tyler Valiquette

What can I say about Yvonne Su? She is the epitome of Samara’s everyday political citizen award. From a young age Yvonne has been highly involved in social justice issues. She fights tirelessly for others, striving to keep our government accountable to all Canadians. Yvonne’s passion lies in democratic participation and political engagement. Specifically, Yvonne focuses on youth voter turnout. As one of the most successful grassroots mobilizers in Canada, Yvonne created the viral “vote mobs” phenomenon that took the country by storm. Over 45 vote mobs took place in 30 days with events from Cape Breton to Yellowknife.  She then co-founded the organization Vote Savvy, connecting other universities, politicians and youth across the country. They empowered youth to take control over their future by arguing “You wouldn’t let your parents swipe for you on tinder, so why would you let them vote for you?” With the 2019 election looming Yvonne is already working on engagement strategies for what could be one of the most exciting elections for youth ever.

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