2017 EPC Nominee: Jim Reid

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2017 EPC Nominee: Jim Reid



Jim Reid of Mississauga, ON, from the Canadian Federalist Party 

I’m somewhat embarrassed, but I hope you can excuse me for nominating myself. I have a very small circle of friends nowadays. The CFP- Canadian Federalist Party (Virtual) is a private project I began in 1995 due to frustration over how our political parties lacked vision and were constantly in-fighting. I built the CFP website and launched it in 2010. My many careers included strategic planning consulting in over 20 industries and dozens of companies. I’ve avoided publicity or proselytizing my beliefs, but as a strong nationalist I see tremendous potential for our nation of nations and 1000 distinct cultures. My political philosophy is FEDS: Free-Enterprise, Democratic, Socialist. Hopefully your committee will have time to look at my website and respect what I have constructed over the past 22 years. The concepts and ideas are based upon a nobility of character I believe is inherent in our Canadian Culture. Our present stagnation is largely due to our lack of a 100 YEAR VISION for CANADA. Perhaps this website could begin to address this need? 


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