2017 EPC Nominee: Diane Dyson

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2017 EPC Nominee: Diane Dyson

Diane Dyson EPC


Diane Dyson of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Jse-Che Lam

Conversations with Diane Dyson are not fixated on the “have nots” but more so on “how can we do better?”   Diane is Director, Research & Public Policy at Woodgreen Community Services, a multi-service agency in Toronto.  She understands that a city’s prosperity must be inclusive and equitable.  A vibrant city that meets its potential is one that addresses the needs of a society as diverse as Toronto’s.

Diane’s approach towards poverty reduction and equity demonstrates a commitment to creating a healthy, civic-minded community. Diane has donned a bed bug suit to look at the crisis in subsidized housing for our most vulnerable, studied the impact of pop up shops in revitalizing the Danforth East neighbourhood, and strategized on resettlement programs for recent immigrants.  Diane’s work is informed by a genuine belief in helping people thrive. Policy work is not just a profession for Diane Dyson but a lifelong passion project.

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