2017 EPC Nominee: Patience Evbagharu

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2017 EPC Nominee: Patience Evbagharu

Patience Evbagharu EPC


Patience Evbagharu of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Lisa Anel 

I feel my nominee makes the best political citizen because she's leading by example. She's pushed us youth from what some people will call "the hood" to want to reach all our goals despite how difficult it may be. She helps keep our communities clean through her ECO program, which she created for youth. In her neighbourhood, she gets youth excited to actually participate in community cleaning while still teaching them about our natural habitat. I've never seen kids so happy to clean!

At the age of 19 she was elected as Ward 41’s City Youth Council, and is now one out of two Executive Directors in the Council who has actually shown what it is to be a young Politician and how deep you should go to pursue your belief. What inspired a lot of youth across the city is when she ran for City Councilor in Ward 44 of Scarborough. She's 20 and she ran against so many highly qualified people. I watched in amazement. She represented the African community by wearing African Print and she highlighted the importance of youth, women, and a diverse set of leaders in front of City Council. She spoke on behalf of the youth and I think that's exactly what needed to be said.

We don't have a voice, even when we come together in an organization it's hard to be heard in reality.  Patience has made us realize that one simple move without fear can go a long way. Patience wanted every youth to run for appointment to the Council in June, but no one wanted to because they didn't believe it would be of benefit. Once Patience took action though, it spoke louder than words. She said someone has to do it, so she did. Now everyone wants to be as involved as her. She’s also a part of the rotary Club Scarborough, and ECO GLOBE (self-made organization).

Patience plans on running for office in the 2018 City council elections in Toronto, and will continue to encourage those around her with the “Not Too Young to Run” campaign slogan: “If I can vote at 18, then I can definitely run!"

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