2017 EPC Nominee: Nadia Bakhtiari

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2017 EPC Nominee: Nadia Bakhtiari

Nadia B EPC


Nadia Bakhtiari of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Shahed Doroudi 

Nadia Bakhtiari is an Iranian-Canadian who has used her personal experiences to dedicate her work to improving access to legal protection for refugees and immigrants. She has done years of pro bono work, by assisting youth in Detroit to receive D.A.C.A., compiling research for federal courts on the hurdles immigrant women face in the legal system, filing private sponsorship applications for Syrian refugees in Windsor, and helping female survivors of domestic violence gain status. On a policy front, Nadia wrote a letter to PM Trudeau to lift the cap on refugees, which gained over 600 signatures from students, professionals, and MPs. Lastly, Nadia was recently banned from attending her school in the states as a dual citizen, and gained tons of media attention (from Huff Post, NYT, etc) which she used to direct awareness towards more vulnerable undocumented populations and Islamophobia. In her spare time at law school, Nadia enjoys shooting down her racist classmates on a daily basis.

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