2017 EPC Nominee: H. Hailey Graham

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2017 EPC Nominee: H. Hailey Graham

H. Hailey

H. Hailey Graham of Vancouver, BC, was nominated by Megan Dias

Hailey is a fierce advocate for women's voices and representation, and works to involve more people our political community.  She's also a law student, and passionate debater.

Hailey has been involved with organizations that work to make our politics more inclusive, by getting more people engaged and involved.  She has worked with UBC's Summer Institute for Future Legislators for several years.  Through a series of workshops and Parliamentary simulation exercises, this institute provides individuals with the skills and tools necessary to start a career in politics.  Hailey has been a part of this program both as a participant and a facilitator. She coaches participants throughout the whole process, and has been mentioned by many participants as being one of the most influential parts of the program.  She has also worked very closely with young women in the program, working to provide them the confidence they need to start a career in this hostile field, while also helping them navigate difficult situations.

Hailey has also been involved with Equal Voice for several years. Equal Voice is a national, bilingual, multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada. Hailey was instrumental in starting a Equal Voice chapter at UBC, and served as the Vice President Internal for a year.  She has continued to support their outreach and engagement efforts.

Hailey has personally inspired me to make my voice heard in political (and professional) settings. And she has done this for countless other individuals. She's worked to make more people into political citizens.


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