2017 EPC Nominee: Kayleigh Erikson

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2017 EPC Nominee: Kayleigh Erikson


Kayleigh EPC


Kayleigh Erikson of Victoria, BC, was nominated by Megan Dias

Kayleigh is a champion for women in politics, and mental health in her community (and often both at once!). She works compassionately and energetically to empower individuals, and create a more inclusive, safe environment.

Kayleigh is currently a student at the University of Victoria.  She studies Political Science and Sociology.  During her time at UVic, she has worked to improve the mental health supports at the university, and create a more healthy and safe space for students.  She is currently the Chairperson of the University of Victoria Students’ Society.  In this role, she introduced a new harassment policy, created the first-ever Society-led mental health campaign, and organized a mental health week.  At UVic, she is also a Senior Community Leader for Residence Life and Education.  She has worked to increase mental health support within residences, and build a strong and safe community.

Kayleigh has been involved in political parties, helping them with both policy and outreach work.
 She has also worked to increase the involvement of women in politics.  She is currently the Director of Outreach and Events at the Canadian Women’s Voter Congress.  She helps organize campaign schools for women, and reach out to women to help them get more involved in politics. She is also working with Equal Voice to create an intersectional mental health toolkit that can be used across Canada.

Because of all her work in her community, advancing mental health and women’s representation, Kayleigh became a Daughter of the Voter in 2017.  She spoke in the House of Commons about sexual assault on university campuses, and will work with her colleagues to address the issue going forward.

Through all of this, Kayleigh is positive, energetic, and empathetic.  She is an inspiration to me. And shows, through compassion and example, what it means to be an Everyday Political Citizen.

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