2017 EPC Nominee: Ziva Gorani

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2017 EPC Nominee: Ziva Gorani

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Ziva Gorani of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Rasha Elendari 

Ziva Gorani is a Kurdish Syrian pansexual Trans woman. Ziva moved to Canada in 2016 from Syria via Turkey. Working in the humanitarian sector in Turkey and Syria, Ziva developed an activist voice when she began speaking about her experience as a queer Trans woman displaced by war and religious intolerance. Ziva works in the region of Peel to increase visibility and inclusion of LGBTQ+ communities through community development and interventions to improve wellbeing.

Ziva’s ambition will always drive her to make a better life for herself, so what she is  trying to do is to return some of the favour to whoever helped me through my life and pay it forward to someone else in need.
She is working with her organization to get here voice stronger, to be heard back home to tell them that being queer or being Trans is as human as anyone else.

She wants to be one of the voices of the Syrian community here and tell our fellow Canadians that we came here because life was no longer possible. That the fear over our lives or the lives of our loved ones got us here.

She has been volunteering with NMC-CESI group and our group is so proud of her activism and great personality.

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