2017 EPC Nominee: Marcia Dennis

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2017 EPC Nominee: Marcia Dennis


Marcia Dennis of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Karen Villanueva  

Marcia Dennis is a boat person; immigrated from England to Canada by boat in 1968 with her 6 month pregnant Jamaican mother.  Always willing to help since childhood, she was giving away the family’s groceries to next door neighbours when they asked.  

Marcia has obtained credits at Humber College (North Campus) in Sociology, Canadian Families and certification at York University in  Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course On Research Ethics (TCPS2: CORE) and has a diploma in Visual Merchandising Arts from Sheridan College.

A resident of North Etobicoke since the 80’s, she now is active in her community serving a second term as a co-chair on the Queen’s Plate Resident Steering Committee and also as a member of the North Etobicoke Resident Committee and NAP KVW.  Recently she’s founded the Queen’s Plate community garden volunteers.

As a resident of a Neighbourhood Improvement Area (NIA), Marcia has been able encourage other residents and tenants of Toronto Community Housing and low income backgrounds to increase their community and civic engagement in the community. Marcia has lead town halls and community consultations to build collaboration on grassroots projects that are resident led and based on capacity building.

The single mother has previously served a term at the Attwell office of the inaugural Council Advisory Group, volunteered in the bridal boutique at Windfall (now Brands For Canada), as bus monitor for her son’s North York Grizzlies Pee Wee football team and for some daycare and middle academy school trips. 

It is evident that Marcia has a passion to advance community development and democratic engagement. Her main motivator is her son, whom after many fights she has been able to raise on her own. She is a strong and positive community leader, looking beyond the impossible she is driven to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. Exemplary women, her ancestors and nature are all inspirations for her work.

She is currently attending the Immigrant Women’s Integration Program (IWIP) at the TD Centre for Community Learning & Development and completing the Ontario Interval and Transition Housing on-line course in Foundations of Violence Against Women (VAW). Through the IWIP program, Marcia is conducting a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) in her area, consulting with various stakeholders to advance mental health promotion in NIAs. Marcia recognizes her role as a political citizen and wants to make sure that agencies are not only providing services to residents, but they are building resident’s capacity to build the democracy they have dreamed of.


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