Now they know you're listening

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 View Count = 1149

Now they know you're listening

When we sat down to write “No One is Listening,” Samara’s latest research report on incivility in the House of Commons, we could not have predicted the overwhelming response from MPs, Canadians and the media.

From the dozens of meetings on the Hill—with MPs, House Leaders, Ministers and more—to the millions of media impressions, this 28-page research report inspired a national conversation on the place of incivility in today’s debate.

Heckling hasn’t yet stopped in the House. But for a moment, the nation stopped to listen and talk about the problem. And that’s powerful impact.

Now that MPs know you’re listening, will you do just a little bit more than that?

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Michael Morden

Research Director, Samara Canada

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