Democracy Talks and Vote PopUp find a new home at Ryerson University

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Democracy Talks and Vote PopUp find a new home at Ryerson University

Spring is a time for new growth, and here at Samara, we have some of our own to share with you.

Democracy Talks (DT) and Vote PopUp (VPU) have been initiatives at Samara since they emerged out of our research: The Real Outsiders: Politically Disengaged Views on Politics and Democracy. Since then, DT and VPU have successfully offered tools and support to community-based organizations and civic leaders interested in fostering democratic engagement.


We are so proud that these programs, incubated at Samara, have now grown to the point that they need a bigger home. We are therefore excited to share that DT and VPU will now be housed at the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University under the new Democratic Engagement Exchange (the Exchange).

The Exchange will be headed by John Beebe, pictured below, who led the development of these programs at Samara for the last four years. The Exchange's core mission will be to foster an inclusive democracy where everyone has a voice.

We were thrilled to be a part of the official launch of the Exchange last week, where we witnessed Ryerson University's commitment to engaging community. At the event, Kendall Anderson, Samara's Managing Director, offered these words: "Given the stresses democracy faces today, Canadians need ever more entities that marshal creativity, innovation and energy to strengthen our country's democracy. We at Samara Canada are grateful that The Exchange will be dedicated to reaching those at the greatest risk of democratic disengagement."


If you are wondering how you can engage your community in upcoming elections—including the Ontario election on June 7th—you can find the VPU toolkit and sign up for the Exchange's newsletter here and follow them on Twitter here.

And if you have any questions about the Exchange, please reach out to John directly at [email protected].

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