Introducing "Flip the Script" (MP Exit Interviews Vol. II)

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Introducing "Flip the Script" (MP Exit Interviews Vol. II)

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Almost a decade ago, Samara conducted the first-ever series of exit interviews with former Members of Parliament, culminating in the #1 National Bestseller Tragedy in the Commons. After changing the conversation about representative democracy and shining a light on executive power in Canada's Parliament, we've taken up this groud-breaking research once again to see if anything changed in the 41st Parliament.

Last year, we travelled across the country to produce the second volume of Samara's MP Exit Interviews, speaking with over 50 former parliamentarians who retired or lost their seat after the 2015 election. They told a story of overbearing party leaders and staff, and reported an even further loss of individual agency.

Today, drawing on 100 hours of interviews, we share the first installment of this research with you.

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Flip the Script: Reclaiming the legislature to reinvigorate representative democracy is the first in a series of three reports that will make a case for MPs who are independent and empowered, thoughtful and engaged in three environments: Parliament, the constituency, and the party.

To achieve this vision and empower MPs, institutional change is required. In this report, we recommend that reform start in committees, but also put forward ideas for how to improve Private Members' Business, and parliamentary debate and scrutiny.

With MPs feeling increasingly powerless, and their work becoming more scripted and choreographed by the day, it's time to flip the script and reinvigorate our representative democracy.

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Don't have time to read the whole thing? We'll be posting an audio version on the report page later this week!

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For their multi-year support in the making the MP Exit Interviews project, we would like to thank the MacMillan Family Foundation, Bennett Jones, BMO Foundation, Rosamond Ivey, Bill Graham, and The John and Judy Bragg Family. We are also deeply indebted to the support of many individual donors, without whom Samara would be unable to produce this kind of innovative, action-oriented research.

If you share their commitment to making Canada's democracy more accessible, responsive, and inclusive for all Canadians, please donate today by clicking here or calling Rosemary at 416-960-7926.

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