REPORT RELEASE: The 2018 Member of Parliament Survey

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REPORT RELEASE: The 2018 Member of Parliament Survey

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Three years into the 42nd Parliament, is the House of Commons working well in the eyes of Members of Parliament? We asked MPs and the results may surprise you.

Today, the Samara Centre for Democracy is excited to share the findings of our 2018 Member of Parliament Survey. With answers given by nearly a third of all sitting MPs, this annual survey aims to capture our federal representatives' personal evaluation of the Commons and options for reform.

The survey results offer unique insight into how MPs think the 42nd Parliament is functioning and where cross-partisan consensus exists, gauging their support for a range of different reform ideas that could make a difference to the influence and effectiveness of current and future parliamentarians.

Ready to find out more? Read the full report at


We've heard from MPs. Now tell us what you think!

We hope you'll find these results as interesting as we did—and stay tuned for our third MP Exit Interview report, coming in October!

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