A Holiday Message from Samara's Managing Director

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A Holiday Message from Samara's Managing Director


My eleven-year-old daughter has accompanied me to the polls for many Canadian elections. But never have I seen her so engrossed in one as she was with the recent US mid-term. Even at eleven, she knows that her world will be shaped by events beyond Canada’s borders.

She stayed up to watch the coverage, and the next day when looking at that red and blue map, what she really wanted to know was: “Who won?”

Who won?

What happens when one group “wins” and one “loses”?

Can democracy be fair?

Those are the questions that democratic systems—and I as a parent—are finding increasingly difficult to answer.

Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about what our democracy will look like when my daughter casts her first ballot.

Given the extreme challenges democracy is facing, what kind of politics will our children and grandchildren inherit?

At the Samara Centre we grapple with these issues every day, and we’re creating the tools to address them, but we need your help.

Canadians like you trust the Samara Centre’s research-based approach, which uses non-partisan evidence and collaboration to counter the toxic and polarized tone that has taken over our political discourse—but this work is only possible with the generous support of donors.

As Canadians approach the 2019 federal election, Canada needs Samara’s constructive, data-driven approaches for active citizens and leaders.

You can support the Samara Centre’s goals and plans for 2019:

#1: Gather Canadians together to talk about Canada’s democracy.

  • Open avenues for discussion between politicians and young people in the 2019 election.

#2: Study and monitor Canada’s democratic health to share new data and analysis.

  • Investigate how Canadians experience and engage with politics with the third edition of the “Democracy 360,” our biennial report card on the health of Canadian democracy. Read the second edition here.

  • Explore the internal workings of political parties, which have a profound influence on public life in Canada, with a new research initiative that examines how parties work.

I’m sure that you, like me, read news every day about the challenges democracies are facing around the world.

It may seem like the democratic deficit is an inescapable downward spiral.

But in 2019, Canadians just like you will have a chance to prove Canada’s commitment to democracy.

At work at the Samara Centre, and at home with my inquisitive and idealistic daughter, I feel that we are in the midst of an opportunity—the opportunity to answer the question “how can democracy be fair?”  How can it be accessible, responsive, and inclusive for future Canadians?

We can achieve this vision for Canada’s democracy—but we need your help.

With your donation today, you are building a democracy worthy of the generations of Canadians to come, equipping and engaging Canada’s present and future leaders.

From all of us at the Samara Centre, we wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season, and a very prosperous New Year.

With deepest gratitude,

Kendall Anderson
Managing Director

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