An Answer to Fake News and Disinformation

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An Answer to Fake News and Disinformation

Democracy asks a lot of citizens. It challenges us to pay attention to the world, to process what's happening, and to get involved. In an era of fake news and disinformation, the challenge is only becoming greater.

A politically engaged and civically literate public is the only reliable, evergreen safeguard to the threats that confront our democracy. That is why today we're releasing Investing in Canadians' Civic Literacy, a report that calls for collective and comprehensive action to foster civic literacy in Canada.


In addition to making a case for the tools, skills, and knowledge that allow Canadians to engage with politics, with this report we set out to:

  • Define what civic literacy is;
  • Establish a baseline for what we know and don't know about civic literacy in Canada, and identify the players that foster it; and
  • Warn about a lack of funding and clarify the need for more—and more sustained—investment in civic literacy.
In today's increasingly chaotic and complex political and informational environment, an engaged, informed, discerning, and resilient citizenry is more important than ever. Please join us in sparking a conversation about what our country can and should do to improve civic literacy by sharing this report on social media.

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Only by working together can we move toward a more systematic approach to lifelong civic literacy, and build a stronger democracy and a better Canada for everyone!

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