Our 2019 Democracy 360 is here!

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Our 2019 Democracy 360 is here!

With the number of "flawed" democracies on the rise around the world, assessing the health of Canadian democracy has never been more important.

That is why the Samara Centre for Democracy is pleased to unveil the 2019 Democracy 360, our third biennial report card on how Canadians communicate, participate, and lead in politics.


Built on the understanding that democracy is about more than casting a ballot every four years, this research examines the complex relationship between Canadians and their political leadership—especially between elections.

Much has changed since the previous report cards in 2015 and 2017, and the results may surprise you:

  • Canadians' satisfaction with the way their democracy works has never been higher
  • They're more interested in politics, they're talking about it more, and they're reaching out more to elected representatives.
  • Troublingly, rates of broader civic and community engagement have dropped significantly
  • Canadians are much more likely to say their democracy is becoming weaker than stronger, with nearly half of respondents describing it as getting weaker

To encourage reflection and discussion, the Samara Centre has assigned Canada's democracy an overall letter grade, as well as grades for three areas essential to a healthy democracy: communication, participation, and leadership. Amid global uncertainty about the fate of democracy, has Canada managed to bump up its grades? Read our latest report card to find out.

After checking out the 2019 Democracy 360 at samaracanada.com/democracy-360, share the report card with your friends and followers!



At the end of the report card, we suggest three ways that our country can endeavour to build a more vibrant and resilient democracy,but we're curious to hear what you think! Join us on Twitter for our fifteenth #SamaraChat next Wednesday, April 3rd at 12 pm EST.


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