The Samara Centre and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Launch “Speaking of Democracy” Exhibit

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The Samara Centre and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Launch “Speaking of Democracy” Exhibit

The Samara Centre for Democracy is proud to announce the opening of “Speaking of Democracy”, an exhibit on which we collaborated with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on April 30, 2019.


[Photo by Ian Crysler]

The launch event took place at the viceregal suite at Queen’s Park, and unveiled 28 quotes on democracy by thinkers and changemakers such as Maria Ressa, Edouard Louis, Oren Lyons, Malala Yousafzai, Vandana Shiva, and more. Each quote was carefully selected by Her Honour.

The Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, had this to say about the exhibit:

“Drawing from diverse historical and geographical sources, this exhibition explores the roots of, threats to, and promise within democracy. It aims to provoke the viewer—you—to do two things.

One is to think. Democracy is complex and untidy. Tasks like listening to the voices of a vibrant civil society, balancing rights while upholding the rule of law, or building resilient institutions do not come easily.

The other is to act. Many cannot. An enduring and healthy democracy means getting involved.”

Her Honour’s comments and the exhibition can be viewed online here.


[Photo by Ian Crysler]

Samara’s Board Chair and Co-Founder, Michael MacMillan, also spoke at the event, saying:

“The way we govern ourselves matters. The government itself matters. And that getting it right is to be applauded, and getting it wrong is to be avoided. It’s not so simple – it requires constant work and constant attention.”

Book a free tour of the exhibition from May 6 to 10 here.

The exhibition is on display in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite, Queen’s Park, throughout spring and summer 2019. Public tours can be arranged via the Ontario Legislative Assembly’s tour office.

Check out the photos and the livestream below to hear both speeches!

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