The Samara Centre Becomes a Lobbyist

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The Samara Centre Becomes a Lobbyist

This Canada Day, we find ourselves reflecting on what makes our country great and how it can be improved.

At the Samara Centre for Democracy, we believe only a strong and vibrant democracy can deliver fair, efficient, and universal solutions to Canada’s greatest problems.

If you agree that Canada’s democracy needs strengthening, please consider donating to the Samara Centre—a national, non-partisan charity—this Canada Day.

Towards that effort, we’re excited to announce that we have recently registered as federal lobbyists, fighting for a stronger democracy.

There are lobbyists fighting for everything meaningful and important in society—the environment, the energy sector, education. But ask yourself: who is fighting for democracy?

Lobbyists stand up for communities' needs. At the Samara Centre, we believe our community—and our country—needs a more accessible, responsive, and inclusive democracy, with the right laws and policies to make it so.

Of course, as with everything the Samara Centre does, our lobbying will be non-partisan—with care taken to engage with and build consensus among politicians from across the political spectrum—and evidence-driven.

If you agree that democracy needs a lobbyist, please consider giving to the Samara Centre. Anyone who donates by July 31st will be sent a sticker (pictured below)!

Looking to the federal election and beyond

Our small but mighty team is hard at work producing research and programming designed to counter misinformation, combat polarization, and encourage political transparency. Over the next few months, we’ll be:

  • launching tools that help Canadians navigate the electoral process;
  • publishing a field guide on how to have civil political conversations online;
  • disseminating a series of workshops on digital citizenship, in partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Canada; and
  • releasing a report that shines a light on political parties’ nomination contests.

But we recognize that democracy is about more than elections, which is why we’re also:

  • surveying Members of Parliament about the issues and challenges they face;
  • taking a closer look at how young Canadians are engaging in politics; and
  • hosting a major event on the future of democracy, featuring an internationally renowned speaker.

As a national, non-partisan charity, the Samara Centre depends on the support of our generous donors.

So join us in fighting to improve Canada’s democracy—for current and future generations of Canadians—by making a tax-deductible donation to the Samara Centre this July 1st.

From our entire team, we wish you a happy Canada Day!


Kendall, Mike, Adelina, Paul, Yvonne, José, Liz, and Christine

P.S. Our donors make real impact, and it’s easy to join them. You can contribute online, call us at 416-960-7926, or mail a cheque to 33 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto ON M5R 1B2.

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