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Party Favours Media Roundup

Party Favours

Just one week ago, the Samara Centre for Democracy released the first report in our newly launched Parties Project, Party Favours: How federal election candidates are chosen

In it, we examine how election candidates are chosen in Canada, looking at the law governing nominations, the parties’ own rules for nomination contests, reports from more than 4,000 local nominations, and, most importantly, how the nearly 7,000 people who ran for Canada’s major political parties over the last five elections (2004-2015) were actually selected to be on the ballot.

The response to this report has been overwhelming! Check out some of the media coverage below:

  • Andrew Coyne in the National Post: "The Samara study documents show how thoroughly the leadership controls the process at every stage..."
  • Bill Curry in the Globe and Mail:"The results produce a clear picture of how nomination races are conducted and reveal that successful nomination candidates fail to reflect Canada’s demographic diversity."
  • Catharine Tunney in CBC News: "Just a small portion of federal candidates go through competitive nomination contests, according to a new report"
  • Christian Paas-Lang in CTV News and Global News: "Nominations for federal elections are strikingly uncompetitive and opaque, according to a new study"
  • Sima Shikeri in the Huffington Post: "Opening up the nomination process and letting the public in on how candidates are chosen can increase confidence in the democratic process and also encourage more people to join political parties"
  • Zak Vescera in the Vancouver Sun: "A new study suggests federal party nominations may be troubled by a lack of transparency, competition and diversity in candidates."
  • Samantha Wright Allen in the Hill Times: "Too much party control in ‘highly uncompetitive’ candidate selection: Samara study"
  • Jolson Lim in iPolitics: "the [Samara] Centre found less than one in five of those candidates won their chance to represent a party in a federal election through what it defines as a competitive nomination race."
  • Report authors Paul EJ Thomas and Mike Morden published an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen: "Of the more than 6,600 federal candidates captured in the study, only 17 per cent arrived there through a competitive nomination race"

The report authors also appeared on CBC News Network with host Michael Serapio, and spoke to nearly 40 radio shows in cities across the country, including Edmonton and Cape Breton.

CBC News Network
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