The Samara Centre's Stronger Democracy Platform Is Here!

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The Samara Centre's Stronger Democracy Platform Is Here!

With the start of Canada's 43rd federal election today, the Samara Centre for Democracy is thrilled to put forward a small—but vital—addition to the conversation in the form of our Stronger Democracy Platform.

This election, we recommend nine non-partisan, evidence-based changes to address pressing and documented challenges facing Canadian Parliament.

While elections are an exciting opportunity to focus Canadians’ attention on politics, the hard work of democracy happens every day, between elections and that’s why these changes focus on changes that parties can make today that will affect how representatives do their jobs in Parliament every day.

The Samara Centre believes that institutions, including Parliament, are worth fighting for. And that means that they need to evolve and change to become better for discourse, better for representation, and better for transparency.

As politicians take the reins of the conversation this election—setting the tone for political discourse through their platforms—we want to remind Canadians that your role is not one of passive observers. You have a voice. What change do you want to make? What do you want from your elected representatives?

Stronger Democracy Door Hanger

Building on the platform, we've also created a Stronger Democracy Door Hanger with questions you can ask candidates about how they plan to stregthen our democracy. Hang it on your door so you can be ready when candidates come knocking!

Stronger Democracy Platform selection process

This platform presents what our researchers have identified as top priorities for democratic reform in Canadian politics at present, informed by prior research. In designing the platform, we selected reforms that:

  • Address pressing and documented challenges;
  • Are evidence-based;
  • Can be achieved within the span of a single Parliament;
  • Would yield significant benefits; and
  • Impose minimal financial costs.

Many of these changes have been recommended by academics, practitioners, and MPs themselves over the years.

If you care about building a healthy and vibrant democracy, we invite you to share this platform and the ideas in it.

We would also love to hear what you think! We left a blank spot in the platform for your ideas. If you're on social media, share your ideas with the hashtag #StrongerDemocracyPlatform. 

We hope this election is a time to share ideas, argue constructively, and fight for what you believe in. Have a great election, but don’t forget about the everyday practice of democracy!

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