Here are the Four Things We're Most Proud of This Year!

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Here are the Four Things We're Most Proud of This Year!

At the Samara Centre, we believe that only democracy can deliver fair, efficient, and universal solutions to Canada’s greatest problems. Yet, like you, we recognize that our political leaders and institutions often fail to live up to their democratic potential.

That is why we spent 2019 working toward a democracy that is responsive and inclusive, political institutions and parties that are open and transparent, and public leaders that are independent and empowered. (And we couldn't have done it without the generous support of our donors.)

Here are the four things we’re most proud of this year:

#1  Analyzed the health of Canadian politics and challenged the dominant narrative with innovative research

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In the media:

#2  Championed practical and innovative policies to strengthen democracy

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We lobbied to put these policies into practice and supported specific parliamentary reform efforts by MPs and committees, such as a motion to empower backbench MPs and a parliamentary study on parallel debating chambers.

In the media:

#3  Helped Canadians navigate the federal election with non-partisan, in-depth resources

year-end-graphic.png field_guide_265.png
year-end-graphic3.png let's_talk_people.png

In the media:

  • Our tips for having better political conversations appeared in over 150 news outlets, including the Toronto Star and CTV News.
  • Our Field Guide research was visualized in The Walrus and highlighted in episode 10 of the podcast Attention Control.

#4  Convened active citizens to explore democracy's prospects and perils

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speaking_of_people.png year-end-graphic99.png
year-end-graphic11.png in_defence_people.png

As an educational charity, we would like to thank you for helping us accomplish all of this—by sharing our research and resources, attending or volunteering at an event, contributing your ideas, or donating to the Samara Centre.

We look forward to working to transform our representative democracy in the year ahead. But we can only continue to drive positive change in our politics with donations from people like you.

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Looking ahead to 2020, here are just a few things that we're excited about:

  • We are launching a new book, based on our second volume of MP Exit Interview reports, in January.
  • We are releasing our latest research report, a retrospective on the 42nd Parliament, also in January.
  • We are co-presenting the third DemocracyXChange, Canada’s democracy summit, from May 1st to 3rd. Get your Early Bird tickets now!

On behalf of the Samara Centre staff and board, we wish you a happy holiday!


Our staff: José, Paul, Christine, Mike, Yvonne, Kendall, Adelina, and Liz


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