Real House Lives Webinar feat. Michael Morden and Parliamentary Interns

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Real House Lives Webinar feat. Michael Morden and Parliamentary Interns

On April 28th, the Samara Centre for Democracy hosted an interactive webinar featuring Michael Morden, our research director and co-author of Real House Lives: Members of Parliament on How to Reclaim Democratic Leadership, and interns from the Parliamentary Internship Programme.

Based on our second round of MP exit interviews, Real House Lives uses the stories and experiences of former parliamentarians to understand what’s going wrong with our national politics, and to put forward a vision of democratic representation that is independent, thoughtful, engaged, and empowered.

Michael opened the conversation by summarizing some of the biggest ideas and insights in the book, before turning it over to the parliamentary interns, who shared their own reflections and asked several thoughtful questions about the nature of leadership, representation, and engagement in Canadian politics. 

While focusing on the central themes of the book, the discussion also touched on the unusual circumstances and unprecedented challenges created by the coronavirus, and the interns' experiences working directly with MPs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the complete webinar above.

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