The Samara Centre's 2019 In Review

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The Samara Centre's 2019 In Review

2019 In Review

We’re pleased to share the Samara Centre’s 2019 In Review.

Looking back at 2019 is, in some ways, like looking back on a different world. It was a world where Samara was able to gather community together for important moments like the federal election, where we sat down with political leaders, and where we could present evidence-based research to students and stakeholders, in real life.

But as we look forward to Samara’s work in 2020, we realize that, though our methods of delivery may be different, Samara’s goals are still very much the same: improving citizen engagement and understanding of politics; and championing public leadership that is independent, thoughtful, and focused on building a just and secure future for all.

The challenges facing our democracy have not gone away. Indeed, COVID-19 has exposed challenges in our healthcare system, how our governments cooperate, and how scrutiny and accountability can keep pace with government action. The widespread protests against racial injustice and anti-Black violence have also laid bare a fundamental failure of democracy, not only south of the border but also here in Canada.

But these challenges should focus attention on what really matters: connection, community, good leadership.

Samara’s vision remains one where active citizens have a shared sense of purpose and commitment to democracy, and where public leaders are compassionate, collaborative, and farsighted. Our work remains non-partisan, evidence-driven, and centred on strengthening Canada’s representative democracy.

And even though we can’t be together, Samara is continuing to build a community of caring Canadians who recognize that the health of our democracy is worth safeguarding. 

We invite you to read about our work last year, and hope it inspires you to support a stronger democracy and to share our impact with others.



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