A Year-end Message from our Executive Director

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A Year-end Message from our Executive Director

As Canadians come to the end of a very tough year, I’m reminded how precious yet imperfect our democracy is, and why we must actively defend and strengthen it.

And that is precisely what we do at the Samara the Centre for Democracy — by working to make our democracy more accessible, responsive, and inclusive, and opposing those who would weaken it. 

I am writing to ask you to help reaffirm and reinvigorate Canada’s democracy at this critical time by making a charitable gift to the Samara Centre.

The global pandemic has intensified many longstanding democratic challenges, and imposed several new ones. Confronted by an unprecedented emergency and the need to act urgently and boldly, Canada’s public leaders and institutions have been forced to adapt.

In response, the Samara Centre has adapted its efforts to stay focused on the state of democracy in real-time, establishing new benchmarks for what good democratic governance looks like in a pandemic.

But our work isn’t over. As a national charity, the Samara Centre relies on the generous support of donors to carry out our singular mission. Please consider becoming a donor today.

As we head towards 2021, and continued uncertainty as to how the pandemic and international politics will shape Canada’s future, our focus on democracy has never been more important. Recent events have shown us how even long-established democracies can buckle and tear, without constant maintenance to ensure that institutions are functional, leaders are responsible, and citizens are informed and included.

The decisions made now will have consequences for generations to come. That is why we are deeply committed to improving citizen engagement and understanding of politics, and championing public leadership that is independent, thoughtful, and empowered.

With your support, the Samara Centre will continue to produce non-partisan, action-oriented research and advance innovative, data-driven reforms aimed at revitalizing democracy and shaping our post-pandemic society.

Throughout the crisis, Canadians of all political stripes have displayed an unshakable civic mindedness by following public health advice and prioritizing the common good.

We invite you to embrace that public spirit by joining the Samara Centre in building a stronger and more resilient democracy in the new year.

In light of recent hardships, we understand if you aren’t in a position to give at this time, and thank you nevertheless for your continued interest in our work.

Please stay tuned next week for a more detailed look back at our year!


Mike Morden
Interim Executive Director
The Samara Centre for Democracy

P.S. Donating is easy: Contribute online at samaracanada.com/donate, send a cheque to the Samara Centre for Democracy at 33 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto, ON M5R 1B2, or leave us a message at 416-960-7926 and we’ll call you back to walk you through it. Donate $25 or more by December 31st to receive a charitable tax receipt for 2020.

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