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42nd Parliament

Welcome to the 42nd Parliament!

200 rookie MPs are heading to Ottawa! Read more about what they may experience

Cheering or Jeering?

The report about heckling on the Hill

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Congrats 2015 EPCitizen Winners!

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Tragedy in the Commons

Tragedy in the Commons is a bestseller! 

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  • February 02, 2016

    Samara is Hiring!

    Are you passionate about reconnecting citizens to politics? Samara is hiring a Communications Manager.
  • February 02, 2016

    9 things a Canadian expat would notice about the Burmese elections

    In 2015 Trina Isakson witnessed federal elections in two countries: Canada and Myanmar! What do the recent national elections in Canada and Myanmar have in common? Quite a lot actually. While the two countries are at very different stages in their democracy, she was struck by many similarities between our national votes.

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