Jane Hilderman

Executive Director

Jane works to bring Samara’s mission--to reconnect citizens to politics--to life. She frequently discusses Samara’s work in the media and with Canadians across the country. Her previous roles at Samara include Research Director, where she shaped Samara’s groundbreaking research that explores Canadians’ participation in democracy, how Members of Parliament do their jobs, and citizen perceptions of politics.

Jane joined Samara after working on Parliament Hill for both government and opposition MPs through the longstanding Parliamentary Internship Programme, a prestigious program for young professionals. She holds degrees from the School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Toronto (MPP) and Queen’s University (BAH). Jane is also a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, which seeks “to make Canada better known to Canadians and the world.”

Originally from Camrose, Alberta, where she grew up on a family farm, Jane uses her marathon training to explore her new home, Toronto.

Jane holds a special place in her heart for the very first report she worked on at Samara – The Real Outsiders. Released in 2011, but still timely, this report features the voices of Canadians who feel disempowered by politics. Fortunately, Samara is working to change that.

Kendall Anderson

Managing Director

Kendall oversees all the programming and internal work of Samara, including the production of ground-breaking research reports and educational materials, as well as interactive online engagement projects like the Everyday Political Citizen. Before joining Samara in 2011, Kendall was an editor for ten years at Random House of Canada where she worked with bestselling authors of both novels and non-fiction. Kendall studied publishing at both Ryerson University and Simon Fraser University, and she has a BSc from the University of Guelph, which she currently only uses to prevent her two young children from contracting food-borne illnesses.

Kendall recommends checking out what Canadians expect from political parties

Laura Anthony

Research Manager

Laura oversees all of Samara’s innovative research; from the first conceptualization of an idea to crafting the final report. Prior to Samara, Laura held positions at Pollara, University of Western Ontario and Student Vote. Laura holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science from the University of Toronto. Her research interests include voting behaviour, civic engagement, political psychology and the role of political parties. Laura joined Samara in 2012. 

Laura thinks you’re political, you just don’t know it yet. She recommends reading Samara's Lightweights report which outlines 20 different ways to be political. 


John Beebe

Manager of Outreach

John’s passion for building strong communities has led him to work which spans many worlds including education, community organizing, photography and politics. Most recently, John worked for Pathways to Education Canada, strengthening their tutoring programs on a national level. He began his formal political engagement working for Congress in the United States where he saw first-hand the benefits that people who can effectively engage the political system derive from it. And, on the flipside—the disadvantages for those who remain on the outside. John’s work has all been tied together by a belief in strengthening people’s understanding of the power that they have. At Samara, John runs Democracy Talks and is currently tackling the bigger project of enhancing the impact of Samara’s work through community partnerships and programs. In November of 2014, John swore allegiance to the Queen of Canada and became a Canadian citizen, thus allowing him to vote in the 2015 federal election.

John wants you to know that the Vote PopUp toolkit is not just for elections. Check out North York Community House's International Women’s Day activity.


Fran Rawlings

Fran Rawlings (Quintero) 

Project Manager - Development 

Fran is covering Jennifer Phillips’ one-year maternity leave starting November 2015. She will be focusing on an array of development and fundraising projects and she is excited to be joining the Samara team. 

Fran is a community organizer, educator and consultant. She is passionate about working on projects that improve both the human and design experience and that contribute to broader sectoral change. She has worked with multiple stakeholders in many sectors including community services, health, youth programming, civic engagement, immigrant and refugee services, and women’s issues. 

In 2014, she was selected as an emerging female leader in Canada to participate in the Canadian Women’s Foundation Leadership Institute in partnership with the Coady Institute at St. Francis Xavier University.

Fran loves to travel and feel it is one of the best ways to gain perspective on life, culture and ethics. When she’s not at work she’s exploring Toronto on her bike, training to be an aerialist or deep diving into a book.

Fran recommends grabbing a warm drink, kicking your feet up, and enjoying Cheering or Jeering?, Samara’s report on heckling in the House of Commons.


Jenn Phillips

Communications and Development Manager

(On maternity leave November 2015-2016)

Before joining Samara, Jenn spent several years in the trenches of politics at every level of government. From the House of Commons, to municipal government, to the gruelling world of political campaigns, Jenn has seen the mechanics of how our institutions function from the ground up. Jenn has a Political Science Degree from Simon Fraser University, where she focused her studies on Canadian politics and government. Jenn has also studied publishing at Simon Fraser University. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Jenn moved to Ottawa, ON in 2009 and now calls Toronto home.

Jenn knows it isn't as mysterious to get a job in politics as you might think--get in on the secret with the How'd You Get That Job? blog series.


José Ramón Martí

Communications Coordinator

Raised in London, ON, the son of Mexican immigrants, Jose has been a strong champion of everyday democracy. His concern for the state of democracy in Canada and abroad led him to study political science and mass communications at the University of Western Ontario, including placements in Toronto, New York City, and Kuala Lumpur. After graduating, he pursued a master’s degree in public policy at New York University, where he conducted outreach, facilitation, and research into the city's participatory budgeting process. At Samara, Jose is responsible for coordinating and developing a variety of communications materials and activities. In his spare time, he provides strategic support to his local community land trust and organizes pop-up parties for charity.

José is interested in all the ways we can make our democracy better. For a good place to get started, he recommends checking out Samara’s 50 Ways to Redesign Parliament.

José Ramón Martí
José Ramón Mart

BaileyGreenspon-9357-Edit (3)

Bailey Greenspon

Community Animator

Bailey’s role as Samara’s Community Animator allows her an outlet to her tirelessly extroverted disposition, by mobilizing Canadians on and offline through the Everyday Political Citizen program or in volunteer recruitment. A passion for community building has taken Bailey to Ghana (with Engineers without Borders), to Malaysia (with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance)  and new neighbourhoods in her hometown Toronto (running Share Thanksgiving and volunteering on the first 100in1Day Toronto). Bailey has a degree in International Development Studies from McGill University. She is always down for a cup of coffee with anyone who wants to talk politics and civic engagement!

While Bailey is most proud of helping to debunk the myth of “youth apathy” with the report Message Not Delivered, this news-junkie-at-heart is most fascinated by Samara’s Occupiers & Legislators video looking at political news coverage on Twitter.

Christina Vietinghoff Thumbnail

Christina Vietinghoff

MP Exit Interviews Project Manager

Christina is a curious person who enjoys questioning the status quo of political systems. At Samara, Christina is recruiting Members of the 41st Parliament to participate in our second round of MP Exit Interviews. Prior to joining Samara, Christina worked as a staffer on both sides of the House and researched access to decision-makers as a participant in the Parliamentary Internship Programme. She has also completed the Arts and Science programme at McMaster, where she examined how public space on Parliament Hill represents (or doesn’t represent) women, indigenous people, and other groups. Beyond participating in programs with two m’s, Christina has tried to better understand politics by chatting with folks she encounters while biking through the less travelled parts of Canada, the US, and Europe.

Christina thinks your next weekend microadventure should be a meeting with your Member of Parliament, which you can plan using these ten tips on Samara’s blog.


Alison Loat


Alison Loat is the co-founder of Samara and was the executive director from 2008-2015, where she led strategy, business planning, resource development, team building and operations. She is also the co-author of the #1 best-selling book Tragedy in the Commons. Samara’s work was used to develop federal legislation on democratic reform, improve politics curricula, the orientation of newly elected MPs and initiatives to improve citizens’ participation in politics. 

Prior to founding Samara, Alison was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company, where she led teams that developed strategies for businesses and governments in Europe and North America, with a focus on healthcare and financial services. She also taught at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance.

Alison is an active volunteer. She has served as the president of the Canadian Club of Toronto, has been a director of the Toronto Foundation and is currently on the Banff Forum board. She is a graduate of Queen’s University and the Harvard Kennedy School, and has received several awards for public service leadership, including the Queen’s Gold and Diamond Jubilee Medals, and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.


Michael MacMillan

Co-founder and Chair

In 2007 Michael co-founded Samara Canada which is a charity that is dedicated to reconnecting citizens to politics.

In 2011, Michael co-founded and is CEO of Blue Ant Media, a Canadian-based media company with operations in Canada, USA, New Zealand and the UK.

In 1978, Michael MacMillan co-founded Atlantis Films Limited with fellow Queen’s grads Seaton McLean and Janice Platt. He was Chairman and CEO of Atlantis (which later became Alliance Atlantis) for almost 30 years.

Michael is also the co-owner of Closson Chase Vineyard and Winery in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

A member of the Order of Canada, Michael has volunteered with numerous community and industry organizations over many years, and is currently involved with Open Roof Films, Human Rights Watch, Civix, and Community Food Centres Canada, amongst other organizations. He is a Senior Fellow at Massey College and co-author of the book Tragedy in the Commons.

Read more

Michael MacMillan co-founded Atlantis Films Limited in 1978. In its early years, Atlantis was primarily a film and television production house, winning an Oscar in 1984 for its short film Boys and Girls and an Emmy in 1992 for Lost in the Barrens. In 1993 Atlantis became a broadcaster with the launch of its first network, Life Network. In 1998 Atlantis acquired Alliance Communications in a reverse takeover and the company became Alliance Atlantis Communications. Under Michael’s continued leadership, as Chairman and CEO, the company operated 13 Canadian television networks including HGTV Canada, Showcase Television, History Television and Food Network. The company also distributed and produced movies and television programs including the hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In 2007, Michael retired from Alliance Atlantis after selling the company to Canwest Communications and Goldman Sachs.

Michael is a co-founder and co-owner of Closson Chase Vineyards and Winery in Prince Edward Country, Ontario. It makes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

Other collaborators


Samara's MP Exit Interviews were conducted with the support of a wide network of researchers and advisors. Alison Loat, Michael MacMillan, Reva Seth, Morris Chochla and Marieve Forest conducted the interviews. Sarah Blanchard, Grant Burns, Suzanne Gallant, Shira Honig and Myna Kota conducted the data analysis.  Fourteen university professors from six Canadian universities also assisted at various stages of the project, and numerous others reviewed initial drafts and provided important suggestions for improvement.  We thank them all for their work, advice and encouragement.

Other advisors

In addition to those on its Advisory Board, Samara's mission, activities and research were shaped based on the feedback of nearly 300 Canadians from across the country.  Thank you to all those who took time to provide advice and assistance.

"With a federal election scheduled for Oct. 19, the Samara report is a great resource for Canadians interested in talking about how our democracy could improve."    
Bob Hepburn
The Toronto Star

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