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Welcome to the 43rd Parliament

Welcome to the 43rd Parliament! (For MPs)

A selection of non-partisan resources which can assist you in defining your role and priorities as an MP in the 43rd Parliament.

The Reform Act

Is The Reform Act still a thing?

Less than five years ago, Parliament passed The Reform Act with overwhelming cross-party support. But has it lived up to its objectives?

House Inspection

House Inspection: A retrospective of the 42nd Parliament

The Samara Centre conducts the first in-depth, objective examination of the 42nd Parliament (2015-2019).

Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

The Samara Centre's Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

This research details how citizens can change the nature of online political conversations.

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The Samara Centre for Democracy is a non-partisan charity dedicated to strengthening Canada’s democracy. The Samara Centre produces innovative, action-oriented research that illuminates the evidence and reforms needed to make Canadian politics more accessible, responsive, and inclusive. Through original engagement programming, we provide active citizens and public leaders with tools and resources designed to engage Canadians in their democracy.



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