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About Us

The Samara Centre for Democracy (formerly Samara Canada) is a non-partisan charity dedicated to strengthening Canada’s democracy, making it more accessible, responsive, and inclusive. Samara produces action-based research—as well as tools and resources for active citizens and public leaders—designed to engage Canadians in their democracy.

A samara is the winged “helicopter" seed that falls from the maple tree. A symbol of Canada, it is also a reminder that from small seeds, big ideas can grow.

The Samara Centre for Democracy 


Our Work


Research is the basis for all we do—it helps us identify problems with Canada’s political system and propose solutions. Through our research we explore and expose how Canada’s democracy works in a rigorous, accessible and innovative way. The conversations provoked by Samara’s research help Canadians to better understand and contribute to renewing politics.

Engagement Programming 

The Everyday Political Citizen project celebrates the unsung heroes of Canadian democracy. At a time when many Canadians are disengaging from politics, this project highlights the regular people who are making their communities better every day. By profiling role models from across the country, Samara hopes to encourage Canadians to increase their own political participation.

Our Impact

Media Coverage: Our research findings are extensively reported on in media outlets across the country, provoking national conversations.

Education: Our work has been incorporated and adapted into educational materials for high-school and university classrooms. 

Inform Legislation: Our research is cited in legislation currently before the House of Commons, and we have been invited to Parliamentary Committee to give expert testimony. 

Positive Social Effects: Through our programming, people find out that talking about politics and democracy can be fun, countering the reflexive negative association many Canadians have with our political system. In many cases, our programs have a transformative effect on people’s perception of their own participation in Canadian civic life.

For more about Samara's impact, see our Impact page

Get Involved

The Samara Centre for Democracy is lucky to be part of a community—both online and off—of Canadians committed to improving politics for everyone. We enrich our community by producing content and sharing the thoughts of others on the Samara blog, hosting live events and engaging in constructive online discussion on issues that matter.

There are many ways you can get involved with Samara:

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