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Who's the Boss?

Samara Democracy Reports

Samara’s Democracy Reports are a series designed to shine a light on Canada’s democratic system and increase Canadians’ understanding of politics. These reports investigate commonly held assumptions, provoke questions and elevate the discussion on the health of political and democratic participation in Canada.

Previous Democracy Reports are available below and include:

This report is based on a small slice of Samara’s public opinion research commissioned in 2012. Future reports will further explore the role of the MP, political parties and the attitudes of citizens, including young people and new Canadians, toward politics.

These reports will culminate in the Samara Index, which focuses on the relationship between citizens and the political process that governs Canadians.

About Samara

Samara is a charitable organization dedicated to improving political participation in Canada. Through research and educational programs, Samara is reconnecting citizens to politics.

To advance our goals, Samara initiates research, writes reports, runs seminars for journalists, conducts media interviews, speaks at conferences and produces curriculum materials for schools and universities.

The findings from our MP Exit Interview project and Democracy Reports project received extensive national and local media coverage, and are still regularly referenced by columnists and decision makers. The findings were used to improve orientation for newly-elected MPs in 2011, are used by several academics in their own research and have been adapted into curriculum materials for use in high schools and universities across Canada.


The Samara Citizen’s Survey was designed by Samara staff with guidance from a team of academics from universities across Canada. The research was conducted in French and English by using a representative online panel of 2287 Canadian residents over 18 years of age living in the 10 provinces between March 19 and April 2, 2012. Responses were weighted to ensure they reflected the actual population distribution in Canada. To request additional information about the survey and its methodology, please contact Samara.

Published December 2012
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