2015 Post-Election Survey

2015 Post-Election Survey

In the weeks after the October 19th, 2015 general election, Samara Canada surveyed Canadians about how they experienced the recent electoral campaign. The survey responses were analyzed by age–18 to 29; 30 to 55; 56 and older–and debunk the myth of apathetic youth.


The Details

We contracted Research Now to procure an online sample of 35000 members of the Canadian general population, stratified on province and balanced on gender and age. We aimed for 50% men and 50% women. We aimed to have 28% of our respondents aged 18-34, 27% aged 35-49 and 46% aged 50 and higher. Our provincial targets follow the relative demographic weights of the provinces.

Sampling occurred from August 26th to October 18th, 2015. The survey instrument was presented on the Qualtrics online platform. 8500 respondents were re-contacted for a follow-up survey between November 4th and November 23rd, 2015. Samara's module was active as part of the re-contact survey between November 4th and November 6th, 2015.

The final sample for this module contains 2030 respondents. Respondents were Canadian citizens over the age of 18, who had responded to the initial survey.

The data have been weighted using an iterative "raking'' process, as provided by the ipfweight command in STATA13. Starting weights were defined based on the relative demographic weights of the provinces. Marginal values were then successively weighted according to gender, age group, the language in which the survey was taken (English or French) and education levels. All population data were taken from the 2011 Canadian census. A maximum of 50 iterations were completed. The dataset includes the weights produced as a variable, named “weight”.

We assessed the representativeness of our weighted data by comparing our results with the results of public polling firms throughout the 2015 federal election campaign. We have found that our results have consistently followed the results reported in the media from firms such as Nanos Research, Ipsos Reid and Forum.

The Data

Research that employs this data must acknowledge Samara as a source.

Samara 2015 Post-Election Survey Technical Documentation [PDF]

Samara 2015 Post-Election Survey Questionnaire [PDF]

Samara 2015 Post-Election Survey Data [STATA] [Excel] [SPSS]

Please email kendall.anderson [at] samaracanada.com if you have any questions regarding the documentation or data. 

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In the spirit of open data, Samara is pleased to make the 2015 Post-Election Survey available for download. 

By freely sharing this data, we hope that others will be able to explore, discover, and advance our collective knowledge of Canadians' relationship to politics and democracy.  

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