Friday Fill(ibuster)

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Friday Fill(ibuster)

Finding advice in all the strangest places: Louis CK’s emails provide great tips for politicians.

The Assembly of First Nations will elect a new National Chief in December, and the electoral method they'll use is still up for debate.

The case for abolishing political parties.

Of course, there are other ideas out there for improving our politics.

This is what political patronage looks like from space.

Being the keeper of Parliament Hill’s history is actually someone's job.Read all about the House of Commons' Heritage Collection here.

Scientists are researching why why some of us are more conservative than others.

Inside the Democratic Party’s digital bootcamps.

When someone with a government IP address makes edits on Wikipedia, @gccaedits will tweet about it.  

Boston teens were recently given the chance to make municipal budget decisions. Could this be a model for rekindling public trust in government?

Do you think televised election debates are rigged to fail?

The Green Party Convention is this weekend, follow their conversations at #gpc14!

Political jobs, events and opportunities


CIVIX, the folks who bring us Student Vote and other civic engagement excitement, are hiring for two positions right now! Check out the posting for Operations Manager and a Project Manager.

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