#SamaraChat IX: Message Not Delivered

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#SamaraChat IX: Message Not Delivered

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You’re invited to our ninth #SamaraChat on Wednesday, September 9th!

Also on September 9th, Samara will publish its newest report: 

Message Not Delivered: The Myth of Apathetic Youth and the Importance of Contact in Political Participation

The majority of young Canadians failed to cast a ballot in the 2011 federal election. Despite claims that youth are more politically apathetic than other generations, new research from Samara debunks this myth. In fact, when we look at 18 different ways to get political, beyond voting, those under 30 participate at a rate 11 percentage points higher, on average.  Youth’s participation breakdown to isolated to the ballot box.

 Why is this?

 Samara’s new report “Message Not Delivered” dives deeper into one of the triggers of voter turnout: political contact. It finds that despite political leaders national reach and scope, they are failing to reach out to all Canadians equally. When we look at rates of political contact across three age groups, only 55% of those 18-29 report being contacted compared to 75% of those 56+.

This fall, parties and candidates are in the best position to issue an invitation to all Canadians to show up to the polls on Election Day—the question is: will they? 

Join us for a conversation about how Samara is debunking the myth of youth apathy, and explore how political leadership can do more to engage young Canadians #elxn42.

We’d love for you to jump in on the chat and weigh in on questions like these:

  • Which forms of political contact are relevant to you?
  • How can parties and politicians adapt their outreach to include more youth?

  • Has a politician ever reached out to you? What was their message? How did they do it?

  • What are new ways young people are getting politically engaged in Canada and elsewhere?

We look forward to seeing you at our ninth #SamaraChat!

The Details

When: Wednesday, September 9th, 12.00-1.00 pm ET

Where: Twitter, using the hashtag #SamaraChat

How: Type ‘#SamaraChat’ into the Twitter search bar to follow all the tweets using this hashtag. Remember to tag your posts with#SamaraChat to ensure they show up in the feed.

Who: @SamaraCDA among many other Canadians who want to debunk this myth and engage young people in #elxn42. 

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