#SamaraChat X Recap: Cheering or Jeering?

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#SamaraChat X Recap: Cheering or Jeering?


In January 2015 we released a new report: "Cheering or Jeering?" in which Members of Parliament opened up about civility in the House of Commons. We heard responses from MPs Michelle Rempel and Niki Ashton who talked about their experiences with heckling. We also heard from members of the Press Gallery such as Rosemary Barton (pro-heckling) and Chantal Hébert (anti-heckling). (View the media roundup in our newsroom.)

On Friday, January 29th we asked our friends what YOU think about heckling? At the tenth #SamaraChat, you came by to debate the concerns and possible merits of the cheering and jeering that takes place in the House of Commons.

We asked how heckling affects the way you view Parliament:

While another MP made a confession:

We also broke down the data that suggested female MPs disproportionately feel the brunt of heckling:

...And the content of other heckles:

A few bold tweeters chimed in to defend heckling:

As most tweeters maintained heckling is bad for the House of Commons, we wanted to know what changes they'd like to see:
A big thank you to everyone who joined the tenth #SamaraChat last week to enrich the debate on heckling! We were also pleased to be joined by six MPs -- Peter Julian, Anita Vandenbeld, Erin O'Toole, Karen McCrimmon, Sonia Sidhu, Filomena Tassi -- and MPP Mike Mantha. Thank you! See you again March at #SamaraChat XI.

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