Watch Samara's Walrus Talk!

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Watch Samara's Walrus Talk!

This past March, Samara’s Executive Director was invited to speak at the Walrus Talks Conversations about Canada, a national tour focusing on the future of our country and featuring fifty members of the Order of Canada and fifty youth leaders. The tour kicked off on March 1st and culminated yesterday.

Presented by the Walrus Foundation, in partnership with the Order of Canada and Canada 150, the speaker series provided Canadians with opportunities to participate and celebrate together, fostering a deeper understanding of Canada, its people, and what it means to be Canadian.

The theme of the tour: We Desire a Better Country. All the events were streamed live and rebroadcast by CBC Radio.

Watch Jane Hilderman’s talk on “Building Democratic Infrastructure,” delivered on March 16th at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, below. And if you agree with her message, be sure to share the video!

To read about Samara's five ideas for strengthening Canada's democratic infrastructure, check out the new Democracy 360.

To view other Walrus Talks, including a talk by Everyday Political Citizen Winner Cory Nicotine, visit the Walrus YouTube channel.

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