2017 EPC Nominee: Bonnie Briggs

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2017 EPC Nominee: Bonnie Briggs

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Bonnie Briggs of Toronto, ON, was nominated by José Ramón Martí

Bonnie Briggs was a lifelong housing activist and poet.

I had the fortune of meeting Bonnie through my work with the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust, where we volunteered on a committee together. Throughout her life, she attended meetings, rallies, marches and memorials on homelessness or housing, along with her husband.

She was the first person to suggest that Toronto needed a standing memorial for homeless people who die on its streets, a monument which has stood at the Church of the Holy Trinity since 1997.

One Toronto City Councillor called her a hero in the housing movement. “You worked harder than anyone I know to end homelessness,” a fellow activist and street nurse wrote to Bonnie following her death. “She cared about individuals — all too rare and yet essential in building a better world” said a friend on Facebook.

Bonnie passed away on August 4th, 2017. She was 64 years old.

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