2017 EPC Nominee: Eashan Karnik

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2017 EPC Nominee: Eashan Karnik

Eashan EPC


Eashan Karnik of Ottawa, ON, was nominated by Luisa David

Eashan Karnik FRSA is a Juris Doctor candidate at the University of Ottawa. From working and advising on major legislation such as Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, Mississauga’s Strategic Plan, and Ontario’s Clean Water Act, Eashan has progressed Canada’s fight against climate change. He has also served as Head Delegate to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, and the United Nations Youth Assembly in New York.

Eashan has made significant impacts on his community and communities across Canada by providing farmers in Alberta with funding for eco-stewardship projects, advising on a Climate Action Plan for Mississauga, and co-leading the First Nations Water Initiative to increase access to clean-water in Ontario’s indigenous communities.

Eashan is driven by his determination for Canadian values and protecting our lands and waters. His lifelong goal is to serve our nation by bettering its communities. This passion and pride makes him an outstanding Everyday Political Citizen.

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