2017 EPC Nominee: Mariam Jammal

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2017 EPC Nominee: Mariam Jammal

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Mariam Jammal of Toronto, ON, was nominated by Nicholas Sopuch

Mariam Jammal is a UofT alumnus, current Windsor Law JD candidate, and co- founder and Global Affairs Editor of The Blank Page- an online platform where young adults can share information and delve beyond structural limitations that would otherwise prevent them from engaging with written, digital, and artistic media. She’s given young creators, artists, and audiences a safe space to share and listen to unique, often politically oriented thoughts. Moreover, she’s done so while also pursuing a career in law- not for personal gain, but to help others. She’s passionate about her Toronto community and is currently studying law in relation to youth and gender empowerment within areas of social and political turmoil, the application of human rights within different political environments, and the mobilization of ethnic and religious identities within conflicts. She’s fluent in Arabic and English, and is undoubtedly the kindest, most humble leader I’ve ever encountered.

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