2017 EPC Nominee: Julia Gogoleva

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2017 EPC Nominee: Julia Gogoleva

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Julia Gogoleva of Waterloo Region, ON, was nominated by Laurel Russwurm 

Volunteer Co-ordinator Julia Gogoleva is working to develop a volunteer training program for Waterloo Region Greens, the umbrella organization for our region’s 5 Green Party CAs and EDAs.  Already a veteran staffer of WRGreens information booths at local summer festivals, Julia has hosted planning sessions and social evenings, as well as participating in political marches and even organizing our Craft Beer Q&A stop on Mike Schreiner’s 2017 GPO Leader’s Tour.

As a young woman who has already felt the frustration of casting a vote that doesn’t count, Julia is a passionate advocate for electoral reform.  As part of Minister Monsef’s DIY ERRE Consultation, Julia organized a Community Dialogue for Electoral Reform at Kitchener City Hall which was featured on the local CTV News broadcast. Her Waterloo Region Greens event incorporated a mock election which allowed participants to try out different voting system ballots as part of the educational piece of our consultation.  http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=953833    

Julia well understands the importance of hands on grassroots citizen engagement in politics at a time when so many young people have become cynical about Canada’s unrepresentative representative democracy.  I’m proud to nominate Julia Gogoleva as an Everyday Political Citizen, because her unwavering commitment to modernizing Canada’s democracy isn’t just an inspiration, its cause for hope.

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