2017 EPC Nominee: Luca Brown

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2017 EPC Nominee: Luca Brown

Luca EPC


Luca Brown of Pierrefonds, QC, was nominated by Christopher Ciafro 

Luca Brown is an activist, student journalist, and everyday political citizen.

In CEGEP, Luca founded the John Abbott College Activists (JACtivists), a group dedicated to economic, social, and climate justice. Under his leadership, the group organized the college’s first ever roundtable discussion on Islamophobia. This granted students a platform to voice their experiences as Muslim-Canadians and promoted empathy amongst the student body. 

Now at McGill University, Luca has become heavily involved in student journalism. He has already published articles in all of the university’s major publications, where he has taken a keen interest in reporting on student politics. Despite its immense effects on the everyday lives of students, student governance often lacks transparency. By lifting the veil on this subject through his writings, Luca succeeds in making these institutions more accessible to hundreds of students.

It is for these reasons that Luca Brown is an everyday political citizen.

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