2017 EPC Nominee: Nirmala Naidoo

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2017 EPC Nominee: Nirmala Naidoo

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Nirmala Naidoo of Calgary, AB, was nominated by Tianna Melnyk 

Throughout Nirmala’s career, Nirmala told the stories of people who had no voice. Nirmala left journalism to take political action and bring a voice to those people who needed to be heard, running in the federal election. Shortly after, her friend and supporter experienced harassment during the provincial leadership campaign, causing her to leave the leadership campaign. Nirmala could not leave her friend’s voice unheard. Nirmala was outraged by yet another woman being bullied out of the political arena. Nirmala wrote an op-ed in the Calgary Herald, drawing attention to the issue of bullying of women in politics.  To follow up she organized a rally in front of the Famous Five statue where women of all political stripes and areas of life came together to fight back against bullying. I am nominating Nirmala because she is an everyday citizen who continues to fight for every citizen’s voice.

Here is an article that Nirmala published, which garnered amazing attention, spurred a demonstration and drew attention to the issue of bullying of female candidates: http://calgaryherald.com/opinion/columnists/naidoo-for-the-sake-of-our-children-politics-cant-be-allowed-to-deteriorate

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