Introducing Our Acting Executive Director, Kendall Anderson!

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Introducing Our Acting Executive Director, Kendall Anderson!

A message from Jane Hilderman, the Samara Centre's Executive Director:

We wanted to let you know about some exciting news here at the Samara Centre for Democracy. I’m expecting a baby and will be taking a year-long parental leave as of February 9, 2019. It’s bittersweet, taking a break from our work when I know we have such an important role to play in the upcoming federal election.

However, I know our staff and boards are more than ready for the year ahead! We have an amazing array of research in store, as well as engaging programming and events, and much, much more. All our activities are geared towards empowering citizens to be informed and engaged in the election and better preparing incoming leaders to make Canada’s parliament more accessible, responsive, and inclusive. So stay tuned.

Before I go on leave, I want to introduce you to Kendall Anderson, whom I’ve had the pleasure to work hand-in-hand with to shape the Samara Centre into the organization it is today. Many of you already know Kendall, as she has been with us for almost eight years, and has been the Managing Director for the last four. During my absence, Kendall will serve as Acting Executive Director.

jane and kendall

Both our Board of Directors and I agree: there is no one better suited than Kendall to handle the pressing demands of an election year at Samara’s helm. As Managing Director, she has already left a mark on all things Samara—from co-writing and editing our engaging and accessible research reports, to overseeing multifaceted programs like the Everyday Political Citizen, to building partnerships with media and civil society organizations that amplify our reach and impact.

Lastly, and most importantly, she has hired and overseen the incredible Samara team whose creative energies and positive approach to politics are critical to our success. Kendall is thrilled to be leading these talented colleagues:

Our researchers, Dr. Michael Morden (Research Director), Dr. Paul Thomas (Senior Research Associate), and Adelina Petit-Vouriot (Research Analyst). Our Program Manager, Yvonne Su, and our new Operations Manager, Christine Latimer. And our communications team of José Martí (Communications Manager) and Liz Hawksworth (Digital Communications Coordinator).

A special welcome to Christine, who has just joined the Samara Centre. In addition to being a senior-level administrator and governance expert with over a decade in the non-profit sector, she is an internationally recognized visual artist, having exhibited work across five continents! Our team will surely benefit from her experience and creativity.

We know you will support Kendall and our team, as they take on the year ahead. We are, as always, keen to hear from our community about how the Samara Centre can build a stronger democracy and a better Canada for everyone.



A final word from Michael MacMillan, the Samara Centre’s co-founder and Board Chair:

“Jane Hilderman has made an enormous contribution to the Samara Centre for Democracy and to our efforts to strengthen democracy in Canada. A true democrat, Jane epitomizes the qualities of leadership and dedication to community to which the rest of us aspire. We wish her the very best in her new adventure of motherhood and we look forward to her return to the Samara Centre!”

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