Introducing our Next Executive Director: Sabreena Delhon

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Introducing our Next Executive Director: Sabreena Delhon

As Canadians prepare for historic debates related to how to build an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable recovery from the pandemic, the Samara Centre for Democracy has asked Sabreena Delhon to lead the organization into an exciting new era for research and civic engagement as our next Executive Director.

For more than a decade, Sabreena has proven herself to be one of Canada's most persuasive and impressive justice advocates. Her studies, research, and advocacy have led to substantive and lasting improvements in access to justice at Ontario's Ministry of the Attorney General and, increasingly, in jurisdictions across the country. Matching those policy and research skills with a unique ability to engage, organize, and activate people from disparate communities, Sabreena has a proven track record of civic engagement and mobilization.

"In Sabreena Delhon, we have found that rare person who understands both what policies are needed to effect systemic change and how to engage people meaningfully to motivate and organize that change," said Michael MacMillan, Founder and Board Chair of the Samara Centre. "Her experience, her energy, and her expertise are precisely what Samara requires in a leader at this moment, as the country faces enormous public policy debates that, in turn, demand the widest possible measure of public engagement and participation."

Sabreena will assume her responsibilities as Executive Director on June 1st, 2021. In speaking about her new role, Sabreena said, "It is a privilege to take on this role at such a critical moment for our democracy. I look forward to building on Samara's strong foundation of enabling citizens to hold their institutions to account."

Click here to learn more about Sabreena's professional interests and past accomplishments.

The Samara Centre staff and Board of Directors would also like to thank Janet Yale for assuming the post of Interim Executive Director for these past few months while the candidate search was completed. Janet will return to her responsibilities as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors.


We're Still Hiring!

Sabreena won't be the only new face to join our growing team. The Samara Centre is currently hiring a Research Director on a permanent basis and a Project Manager on a one-year contract. To learn more about these exciting opportunities and how to apply, visit

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