2021 Federal Election Snapshot

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2021 Federal Election Snapshot

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Online toxicity is a barrier to civic engagement. It is often noted as a key reason why Canadians might leave politics, hesitate from entering politics, or simply avoid the political conversation altogetherElections entail heightened toxicity on the digital campaign trail providing an important opportunity to collect data and increase public awareness about a pressing challenge to our democratic culture. 

This circumstance prompted the deployment of SAMbot to track toxic tweets received by incumbent candidates and party leaders during the 2021 federal election. As a machine learning bot, SAMbot’s scale is powerful — it can review millions of tweets and distinguish between rude, threatening and sexually explicit content. For more methodology details, visit our About SAMbot page.

In the 2021 Federal Election Snapshot, we present an overview of the toxic sentiment received by 298 public Twitter accounts monitored over the 36 day election period (August 15, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. ET to September 20, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET).

Find further details including a full list of candidates in our 2021 Federal Election SAMbot Data Release.  

SAMbot uses a natural language processing, machine learning model to assess toxicity. These models are ever-evolving and thus, everytime SAMbot is deployed it becomes more accurate and informed. Learn more about how SAMbot detects toxicity.

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SAMbot in the media

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SAMbot findings from the 2021 Federal Election are referenced. 

"I did consider backing out": This candidate and others face hate in Ontario election
CBC News | May 22, 2022
It's not just on the ground, in person — candidates are getting hate online too. The non-partisan Samara Centre for Democracy is trying to track it. The Centre is running a tool called SAMbot, which tracks toxic tweets received by candidates and parties on Twitter.

For more SAMbot in the media, visit sambot.ca

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