Are Canadians political lightweights?

Samara's report analyzes 20 different ways to get a little political  

House of Commons

Lost in Translation or Just Lost?

Samara's report on the function of the House of Commons  

Real Outsiders

Democracy is great, it's the politics I hate

Read Samara's latest report, The Real Outsiders.

Who's the Boss?

Current Research

Samara Democracy Reports

Since 2011, Samara has undertaken research into the state of our political process, which we're presenting in a series of reports. These Samara Democracy Reports are designed to increase Canadians’ understanding of politics, investigate commonly held assumptions, provoke questions and elevate the discussion on the health of Canadian political and democratic participation in Canada.

The latest report "By Invitation Only: Canadians' Perceptions of Political Parties" is available to read here.

Previous reports include:

Our research has culminated in "Samara's Democracy 360", a tool to help illuminate how politics works, specifically focusing on the relationship between citizens and the political process.

Samara's work is made possible by our generous funders


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