MP Exit Interviews

MP Exit Interviews

The MP Exit Interview project is back!

Find out about the next round of interviews now underway.

MP Exit Interviews

In 2009 and 2010, a group from Samara partnered with the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians to conduct Canada's first-ever series of exit interviews with 65 former Members of Parliament, including 21 cabinet ministers and one prime minister. These men and women, who together represented all political parties and all regions of the country, generously gave their time, allowing us to record the interviews and use the information to advance public understanding of Canadian politics and political culture.

From these interviews emerged four reports that follow the arc of an MP's experience, from the decision to run, through their committee assignments, interactions with fellow MPs and their party, all the way to their reflections on their time in office and their advice and recommendations.

Click on any of the covers below to read each of the four reports.

The Accidental Citizen

Details the MPs' backgrounds and paths to politics

Welcome to Parliament

Describes the MPs' initial orientation and the varied ways they defined their role

Summarizes how MPs spent their time in Parliament and their relationship with their political parties

Reveals the MPs' advice to future Parliamentarians and offers recommendations for change



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