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Friday, January 11, 2013 View Count = 536

The nominations are in! Cast your vote for the Best Democratic Moment of 2012

Over the last few weeks we've been gathering your nominations for the Best Moment in Canadian Democracy in 2012. Despite the cynicism we all feel from time to time, your suggestions serve as important reminders that there are democratic mechanisms at our disposal in Canada, and our annual "Best Moment" contest offers a chance to celebrate them.

Here are the finalists for 2012:

• Le printemps érable/Quebec Student Movement

• Female Premiers

• Checks & balances in place

• Speaker protects minority voices

• Idle No More

Read more about our nominees and cast your vote today! Voting will be open until January 18th, and the winner will be announced Monday, January 21st. Participants will be entered to win a political book of their choice. 

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