Political Discussion Encouraged at the Dinner Table

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Political Discussion Encouraged at the Dinner Table

Anyone who is passionate about politics is very familiar with the phrase: “In polite company, there are three things one should avoid talking about over dinner...” No matter the variation of the three things, politics is always one.

But there are those who–rightfully–ignore this seemingly time-honoured convention. We call these people Everyday Political Citizens! And they don’t just talk about politics at the dinner table.

Mark Hopkins started ‘
We Should Know Each Other’, an independent initiative where Mark opens his doors to his neighbours and invites them in to discuss their community.  It’s now expanded into other people’s living rooms, across the country with events in Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi attended before he was mayor and Alison Redford was also a guest before becoming Premier.

Nominee: Mark Hopkins
Riding: Calgary Centre-North
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Terri Chu started her group ‘
Why Should I Care?’ which discusses complex policy issues, in her living room. Now, the group meets monthly at local venues and welcomes experts to tackle different policy issues.

Nominee: Terri Chu
Riding: Trinity-Spadina
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Japreet is one of his local paper’s youngest columnists and has been involved in political advocacy since he was 17. Japreet promotes dialogue through his writing and volunteerism.

Nominee: Japreet Lehal
Riding: Surrey Panorama
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We commend these EPCitizens who aren’t afraid to spark a political discussion over dinner—or even snacks. If you know someone who encourages political discussion in your community,
tell us about them. Your nominee could win the ultimate political discussion – a one-on-one chat with Rick Mercer! 

Other #EPCitizens who’d never shy away from a political discussion

Dan Herman
Diamond Isinger
Oliver Hynes
Jesse Helmer

Everyday Political Citizen Project

When we sat down with Canadians through our Democracy Talks program, we were told political role models were missing. We’re trying to fix this by highlighting Everyday Political Citizens, unsung political heroes such as campaigners, activists, community organizers, and members of local riding associations who are working with our political systems to make their communities a better place.

We’re on the hunt for 308 inspiring people—at least one from each fe
deral riding. Check out our interactive map today to see if your riding is represented.

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