What does it mean to be an Everyday Political Citizen?

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What does it mean to be an Everyday Political Citizen?

On Canada Day we launched our annual Everyday Political Citizen contest.

One question we sometimes get is, “What exactly is an Everyday Political Citizen?” It’s one of our favourite questions to answer.

A few years ago we asked people to tell us the words that came to mind when they thought about “democracy” and those that came to mind when we said “politics”. These were the results:

As you can see, the word “politics” comes with some baggage. But there are so many ways to be political, and we’re willing to bet you know some great people who take part in them.

Last year Canadians nominated Everyday Political Citizens who were political in all sorts of ways. We had nominees who:

  • Were members of their local riding association
  • Encouraged their friends and neighbours to talk about politics
  • Saved their high school gym by organizing a sit-in at the local legislature, and
  • Organized a neighbourhood to create a safer crosswalk for children

So, who is an Everyday Political Citizen? You probably know one.

If you’ve got a friend who advocates passionately on a particular issue – we want to know about them. If you know someone whose incessant discussion about politics inspires others to learn more – we think they deserve celebrating. If you have a family member who is a member of a political party despite constantly being told that politics isn’t a worthwhile way to spend their time – give them some encouragement by telling us how great they are.

We’re not looking for superheroes, we’re just looking for your heroes. The everyday super-people who are saving democracy, one act of political participation at a time.

Help us celebrate their hard work and submit a nomination.  Let’s change what it means to be political.

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